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Aruba – Natural Balance between Relaxed and Supreme Elegance

Let there be light!Forget about sardines-crowding and intensive vendors on the beach. Imagine instead of sand … white and soft as potato flour, fiery salsa beats and the feeling of total peace that flows like soothing balm through your body. A paradise that has to do with children.

The time is six in the morning. The darkness lightens over the tall palm trees with distinctive white painted trunks. The wind rustles in the crown dark green leaves. Low Caribbean tones mixed with calls and low-key laughs over a cup of coffee in the hotel lobby. These sound waves, from the fully nearby sea, muffled roll against the wide, mile-long, clean beach. Adam -13 months- to ensure that we are experiencing early mornings in paradise along with the early risers American retirees. Our “sladdis” – younger brother of Isabella 8 years and Emilia seven years – is Aruba, “One Happy Island” in the blood.

At our first visit to Aruba, January 2010, we wondered whether the holiday lay up and kids club and activities would appeal to the daughters. They sank rapidly in a book or a Nintendo game in the hammock, bathed and enjoyed the tranquility as much as we parents. Barely two years later, we return to the same hotel, Divi Aruba All Inclusive. The hotel now has a children’s concept and attracted during the autumn break several families with children. Along with new found friends amused daughters in their own games and participated in several of the kids club activities with English speaking staff.

Aruba – The island
Aruba is a 33 km-long island in the southern Caribbean Sea. It is part of the Lesser Antilles, just 27 km north of Venezuela. Aruba is a vacation hotspot for tourists coming from all over the world. So if you’re thinking about “getting away”, this is the place to go. It forms a group of islands called the ABC islands, together with Bonaire Island and Curacao Island.

A reason for Aruba’s popularity is the perfect tropical climate. The great perfect-for-staying-out-in-the-water climate in Aruba attracts tourists all year round. You can pick any month where you could take a leave off work and travel to Aruba and find it’s the perfect weather for swimming. Aruba is as accessible as it is a paradise.
Beach in Aruba
Beach 1Caribbean most of the day we spend ‘beach and pool-life. ” I step barefoot out of the patio door. The coarse grass tickles the foot pads and a few steps further on your feet sink into the soft sand that is not even middle of the day becomes too hot. Sun beds on the beach are few and umbrellas look like dried conical straw hats. They feel the distant view with advertising-filled umbrellas we’re used to seeing on other destinations. I can feel the calm flow of conditioner through your body.

Great moments for some reading in the shade, as most fellow passengers engaged, get to us, however, draw the short straw on Sand, sea and bus with 1-year-old. In the evening dresses we like up before drink and dining in the hotel area’s six restaurants included in the All Inclusive concept. Sushi, Italian, international and Caribbean – there’s something for everyone and everything is of good quality. Even the children have beef on their a la carte menu! What attracts me to that Aruba has a natural balance between relaxed and supreme elegance.

Aruba is simply a destination for my taste.